Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You Can Now Embed Analytics on Your Website

Adding interactive analytics of your data to your website was never easier. Whether you’re sharing financial data, weather forecast or product comparisons, an interactive tool to navigate through the data gives your blog and website visitors much more than simple static tables of data.

Panorama Analytics can be embedded in your web site or blog just like YouTube videos. First, create a Panorama Analytics gadget, connect and upload your data, and prepare the initial report or chart. Save it and use the “Embed” option under “Save” menu to get the embedding code.

Uploading Data From Your Excel or CSV File

1. Login to iGoogle

2. Click “Add Stuff” or “Insert Gadget” and search for Panorama or look in the “Tables” category. There are two Panorama gadgets available, use the “Panorama Analytics” one. Or you can click on this link and add the gadget to your iGoogle page.

3. Login inside the gadget with the same Google account you are using. That’s how we’ll authenticate and recognize you.

4. Choose the data source and upload some data. For example, it can be some Excel file with interesting data to analyze.

Uploading Data From Your Google Spreadsheet

1. Login to Google Spreadsheets and open / create a spreadsheet with the data you want to analyze.

2. Once your data is ready, click insert and chose Gadgets.

3. Select the “Tables” menu on the left.

4. Click “Add to spreadsheet” below the “Analytics for Google Spreadsheet” gadget and follow the wizard to create your first interactive report

Customizing and saving your report

5. Once there in the Panorama Analytics, interact and play with the data.

6. Once you have an interesting chart or view on your data, Save the view (from the main toolbar).

Generating the embedding code

7. From the same “Save” menu, use the embedding option to generate the embedding code. No need to understand HTML. Just set the size for the analytics component, give it a title and copy the HTML code to the right place in your website or blog post.


Note the security mode. It’s your decision whether any anonymous visitor will be able to see the data or whether they are required to login with their Google account first.


Roy said...

This looks like a very powerful tool for a Google Docs spreadsheet. I've played with it a bit and cannot figure out how to get it to display the AVERAGE of my measure data, not the SUM. I know how to do this in Excel, but it is either not possible in Panorama, or I just haven't figure it out. I looked through your KnowledgeBase, searching for "average", but no joy.

Please let us know how. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I find it impossible to save views for published gadgets - if I save a view, I can see it correctly if (and only if) I am logged into the Google site with the ID under which I saved the view. Am I missing something simple here?

Shimon Shlevich said...

Only the view creator is allowed to modify and save the view by default. We find it reasonable not to allow any visitor of your website to modify its content.

However, if you wish you can let more people modify the view by adding them in the Main Toolbar (top) -> Settings -> Permissions tab. And yes, for now they have to be Google users.

Anonymous said...

I have been using this tool and like it a lot.
But I found problem When I use "Share>Publish as a webpage" option in Google Docs to publish the Spreadsheet that has a Pivot Table in it.
The published spreadsheet webpage can be seen but the PivotTable does not load. The gadget keeps showing "Panorama Loading" but nothing happens. Is this functionality supported at present ?

If I share the spreadsheet as a document the Pivot tables can be seen!

Working case: shared spread sheet:
Here is the link to the SpreadSheet

Non Working case: Spreadsheet published as a webpage.

Here is the link to the spreadsheet as a webpage


Shimon Shlevich said...

SM, yes the two Google sharing features appear to be working differently. I reproduced the problem and will analyze it or escalate to Google.

I believe we'll have it fixed soon.

Thank you for your feedback.

Shawn said...

Can you not determine the average in a cell? Median? StDev? Sum-thing is lacking...

Shimon Shlevich said...

Shawn, thank you for your comment and you are absolutely right. We are planning on adding more templates to the formula feature. However, one of our goals is to go to the masses with our new simplified BI interface and adding more and more functionality, eventually works against us, so we need to be careful in picking the most common features.

Anonymous said...

Having created a pivot table with the data you want, can you then extract data from it for use in the rest of your spreadsheet (like you can with Excel)?

I have a load of data I want to shovel into a pivot table to aggregate them, then use the aggregated data in other bits of my spreadsheet.

Shimon Shlevich said...

We already have export to PDF option. From PDF the data can be taken anywhere.

Export back to the spreadsheet is a known and registered feature request which we'll consider adding in one of the future versions.

Anonymous said...

Nice tool, thanks a lot. it makes rather easier the work with Google spreadsheets.
I came across the limitation of size of pivot table, max is 9x9.
is it an expected limitation or it depends of my particular data?

Looking forward your answer.

Panorama Software said...

Hi there,

Actually,there is no such limitation in the pivot table.. Maybe you didn't notice the scrollbars?

If you have any issues, please refer to our Forum where the support team will be happy to help you:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your response.
But there're no scroll bars, when I check the values that I wish to be included into the pivot table.
P.S.It seems that support teem never visits this part of forum you've provided a link for:(

Panorama Software said...


Please contact our support team to resolve this issue - support[at]

Our forum is new that's why there aren't many posts there. But if you do post a question, you'll get the answer very quickly.

Saqib Ali said...

I get a "#ERROR#PrintToPDF() exception" when trying "Save To PDF".

Any thoughts on what could be the issue?