Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You Can Now Embed Analytics on Your Website

Adding interactive analytics of your data to your website was never easier. Whether you’re sharing financial data, weather forecast or product comparisons, an interactive tool to navigate through the data gives your blog and website visitors much more than simple static tables of data.

Panorama Analytics can be embedded in your web site or blog just like YouTube videos. First, create a Panorama Analytics gadget, connect and upload your data, and prepare the initial report or chart. Save it and use the “Embed” option under “Save” menu to get the embedding code.

Uploading Data From Your Excel or CSV File

1. Login to iGoogle

2. Click “Add Stuff” or “Insert Gadget” and search for Panorama or look in the “Tables” category. There are two Panorama gadgets available, use the “Panorama Analytics” one. Or you can click on this link and add the gadget to your iGoogle page.

3. Login inside the gadget with the same Google account you are using. That’s how we’ll authenticate and recognize you.

4. Choose the data source and upload some data. For example, it can be some Excel file with interesting data to analyze.

Uploading Data From Your Google Spreadsheet

1. Login to Google Spreadsheets and open / create a spreadsheet with the data you want to analyze.

2. Once your data is ready, click insert and chose Gadgets.

3. Select the “Tables” menu on the left.

4. Click “Add to spreadsheet” below the “Analytics for Google Spreadsheet” gadget and follow the wizard to create your first interactive report

Customizing and saving your report

5. Once there in the Panorama Analytics, interact and play with the data.

6. Once you have an interesting chart or view on your data, Save the view (from the main toolbar).

Generating the embedding code

7. From the same “Save” menu, use the embedding option to generate the embedding code. No need to understand HTML. Just set the size for the analytics component, give it a title and copy the HTML code to the right place in your website or blog post.


Note the security mode. It’s your decision whether any anonymous visitor will be able to see the data or whether they are required to login with their Google account first.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Scobleizer: The story of 2009? Enterprise disruption?

Robert Scoble interviews Oudi Antebi of Panorama Software:

“In addition to the interview I did yesterday with socialtext, which explores some of the disruption coming to enterprises, there’s another trend I’m tracking: the coming fight between the collaborative web and Microsoft.Now some pundits in the industry think that the fight will be head on. Not me. I think it’ll be more parasitic. Like how mold takes over a strawberry. Slow, but in the end the strawberry dies.Is that what we’re seeing now? Well, here’s something that is a small piece of the bigger trend. You could call it a few cells of mold on the strawberry, if you’d like.What is it? Panorama Software for Google Apps. I shot two videos with Oudi Antebi, VP of marketing and strategy of Panorama Software. Never heard of them? Neither had I, but what they are doing is very disruptive to bigger companies:

Part I. Where we discover what is happening in the Business Intelligence space and learn what Panorama Software is doing. (This video is embedded above).

Part II. Demo of how the Panorama gadget is used to display real-time data.”

Read full blog post: