Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Collaborating on sreadsheets

I just read this post talking about how nice it will be to be able to collaborate on spreadsheets when Office 14 is available. 

I am writing this post to ensure that those who need to collaborate on spreadsheets and even better - do some very powerful collaborative analysis don’t wait 2 years for Office 14 but start using Google Docs with Panorama’s online solution now.

All you need to do is upload your spreadsheet to Google docs, insert the Panorama pivot table gadget and share with others.

Here is a nice video showing how you do that:

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Support for SQL Server Analysis Services

Some time ago we announced a release of the first enterprise extension for Panorama Analytics for Google Docs in the form of SQL Server Analysis Services support. This solution offers enterprise users the ability to analyze data from their Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services platform through the use of local cube files.

If you still haven't tried it yet, here's a short video tutorial that will help you get started.

To learn more about this solution, please visit Corporate Data Analysis section at

Video Tutorial for Pivot Tables

We are excited to announce a new Video Tutorial for Pivot Tables in Google Spreadsheets! Check it out and please send us your questions, comments or suggestions. We'd love to hear from you!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Press Release - Panorama Software Unveils Major Upgrade To Its Data Analysis And Pivot Table Solution For Google Apps

New Release Gives Both Consumers and Enterprise Users the Most
Intuitive and Robust Data Analysis Tool Available in a Software as a Service model

TORONTO, ON – (September 17th, 2008) – Following its breakthrough announcement earlier this year regarding the adding of pivot table functionality to Google AppsTM, Panorama Software, a global leader in Proactive Business Intelligence solutions, today unveiled a major update to its data analysis solution. Focusing mainly on delivering a flash-enabled, rich user interface along with support for enterprise line-of-business data, the new release enables greater numbers of consumer and enterprise users to take advantage of the power of analytics.

“After our initial public release of pivot table functionality for Google Spreadsheets in March of this year, we were completely overwhelmed by the tremendously positive response that Google users gave us,” said Oudi Antebi, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy for Panorama Software. “Our new release has two goals: one, to make data analysis so simple so that any information worker or consumer can use it; and two, to enable our solution for Google Apps to analyze enterprise line-of-business data.”

Panorama’s new solution for Google Apps features a completely overhauled user interface which allows, for the first time, a truly user-friendly and powerful analytical experience. Built using Adobe’s flash technology, the UI is more closely aligned with Google’s traditional sleek look and feel; the inclusion of smooth animation and graphics also guides the user through each step of the data analysis operation.

Panorama’s latest solution can be found in the “featured list” of Google DocsTM Gadget List starting today. Or add to your iGoogle page directly from the following URL:
“Panorama is making its analytics technology more appealing and easy to use for enterprises and consumers alike,” said Jonathan Rochelle, senior product manager Google. “Our goal with spreadsheet gadgets was to empower developers and companies with specific expertise and software to easily make their capabilities available to users of Google spreadsheets, so we are pleased to see that Panorama is doing exactly that in their area of expertise—Business Intelligence and data analysis.”

Beyond processing spreadsheet data, the new data analysis solution gives enterprise users the ability to examine corporate line-of-business data or OLAP sources right from within Panorama’s solution for Google Apps. Panorama offers a special application for download through a partnership with SDG Computing at ( ), enabling enterprise users to select the data required for analysis inside the firewall, then upload it to the cloud for analysis in just a few easy steps.

“We believe that Google Apps provides an extremely powerful platform for enterprise companies,” said Eynav Azarya, CEO for Panorama Software. “By integrating business intelligence capabilities with the leading Software as a Service based productivity suite, we provide a level of usability, collaboration and mobility not available before.”

In the months to come, Panorama plans to release more capabilities for its new Software as a Service (SaaS) offering and its solution for Google Apps. Some of the new functionality will include RSS support, advanced exception and alerting, new visualization capabilities, support for data from Salesforce, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics, as well as new social capabilities. The goal of these improvements will be to seamlessly bring together the worlds of business intelligence, SaaS, Google Apps and Web 2.0 in a highly relevant and business-focused way.

Customers using Panorama’s NovaView BI solution will also enjoy a new integration with this newly announced Google solution wherein every report created on-premise can be published and used through Google Apps, enabling new collaborative capabilities inside and outside the firewall, mobility and iPhone support, and enhanced usability.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Come Learn about Google Apps and Panorama!

Over the last few months, we have been undertaking many exciting initiatives that have caught the attention of many in the world of BI. One of the most exciting projects that we’ve worked on has been the solutions that we’ve developed for Google Apps and Google Docs.

It all began with our announcement in March of this year about the pivot table functionality that we had added to Google spreadsheets. Since then, there has been so much that has happened!

It is with this in mind that we thought it would be great to have a webinar with our friends over at Google to showcase to the world the innovations that we’ve jointly developed! The upcoming webinar, on September 23rd, 2008 at 1:00pm EST and registrations are already filling up!

With Google Apps™, you can give your employees the next-generation communication and collaboration tools they need to manage, share and publish information.

Panorama Software is building solutions to extend Google Apps™ with Analytics and Business Intelligence, offering a new way to analyze information and gain business insights.

If you’re interested in attending this webinar, featuring Panorama Software and the Google Apps team, then register today! During this webinar you'll learn about:

  • What is “Business Intelligence 2.0”?
  • Google Apps™ – An Extensible Productivity Suite
  • Expanding Google Apps™ with BI Functionalities
  • Live demonstrations
Click here to register! We look forward to seeing you there!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Can iGoogle Replace Expensive and Complex Enterprise Portals and Business Intelligence Dashboards?

In the past year I‘ve been exposed to a world that I knew very little about, the world of Google. Sure, just like everyone else around me, I knew that Google is great as a search engine and has also gotten into Apps but I never really understood the full potential in that thing known as “the Google platform”.

After a year that saw us become partners with Google and where we developed some very interested stuff with the industry giant, I came to realize there is a whole lot more to Google than one might realize.

One of the more interesting angles from my personal perspective is the iGoogle platform. I use iGoogle mostly to place, on a single screen, my Gmail, Google Calendar, weather, news and some other personal stuff and find it very useful. The big moment of clarity came when I participated in a customer meeting and they shared with me how they were thinking about creating an iGoogle-like solution to compliment SAP Portal.

This statement completely blew my mind away! How in the world could a fortune 100 company even think about making something that is so consumer focused and make it relevant to the the enterprise?

The idea was actually very simple. They were trying to deploy personal dashboards for users to be able to customize and “make their own”. The goal was to create, using custom coding, an iGoogle clone where people could bring together personal stuff with key BI data into a single page.

Because iGoogle didn’t allow the exposure of enterprise data, The customer was basically considering the idea of developing a solution that would let them host, inside their SAP Portal, Google gadgets. The expectation was for a very long and complex project.

We met with the customer to talk about how they could use, in production, our new solution for Google applications wherein they would analyze their SAP BW or SQL AS cubes right from within Google apps.

When they saw the solution they asked one question that changed everything, “Can we take the reports that you’ve built in Google apps and expose them as gadgets within iGoogle?”

Fortunately our answer was, yes!

It was at that moment that they realized that instead of building their own iGoogle, they could actually use the real iGoogle.

The images below show an example. They are of an iGoogle dashboard that shows multiple reports that bring in live data from an enterprise data warehouse combined with some personal gadgets into a single page.

So what do you think? Can Google get into the game of Dashboards and Portals?

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Using Google Apps for Business Analytics - a major event or just a set of features?

While Gartner and other Business Inetlligence (Analytics and reporting) analysts and experts have recognized the magnitude and impact of Google and Panorama’s partnership on the BI world, some others are still a bit confused as to the meaning of this new development.
Let me try to explain why we have made such a significant bet on being the company that powers Google Apps and Google Docs with BI.

If you ask common business people if they perform BI (most will not even know what that means unless you ask about “analysis and reporting”), 90% will answer “sure I do, I use Excel”.
The sad reality (sad for us BI companies) is that we (BI companies) only deal with 10% of the population – the “Power users”, while 90% perform their reporting and analytics inside spreadsheet applications. It’s true, the numbers are changing and more people use BI tools but the ratio compared to spreadsheet is still very VERY low.

Microsoft has recognized the in 90% of the cases BI = spreadsheet-based analytics and therefore has invested in it and made it easier to connect from Excel directly into the line of business data (through SQL Analysis Services) to perform analytics by Information Workers.

Actually, one of the three main value pillars pushed by Microsoft for Office 2007 is “Business Intelligence”. This means that Microsoft is convincing their customers to use the latest version of Office by emphasizing the importance of BI in Excel.

Until now, Microsoft was on its own trying to upgrade to the latest version of Office as no other Spreadsheet application could provide that level of functionality: connect the productivity suite into the corporate data for personal analysis and reporting.

Well, now all that has changed. Google Docs / Apps provide a similar functionality powered by Panorama’s solution for Google Docs. Google Docs can now connect to the same data sources as Excel – SQL Analysis Services and be a true alternative to using Excel. Not only that, Google Docs has some clear advantages when it comes to collaboration, mobility, backup, updates and other great stuff.

In the near future, Google Spreadsheets, unlike other Spreadsheet products, will be able to connect to numerous data sources such as SAP BW,, Netsuite and others – something no other spreadsheet in the world can do.

Hope I got you excited :) would love to hear your feedback
see more @

Friday, April 25, 2008

New to Google Pivot Tables?

If you need a step-by-step manual to walk you through setting up your pivot table in Google Spreadsheets, click the link below to download our Pivot Tables Manual.

We hope you find this useful!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Panorama Analytics gadget for Google Docs supports enterprise data sources

As promised, we released the first enterprise extension for Panorama Analytics for Google Docs in the form of SQL Server Analysis Services support. In the following days we are accepting new users by registration on our web site but in the next couple of weeks this will open up for the masses.

We’ve seen a very large amount of registrations since we announced on Thursday and expect to respond to all our users in the next couple of days. We thank everyone for their patience.
Many have emailed me asking about our plans for the product with Google. Well, we have a long list of systems and platforms we plan to support in the coming months with a goal of making the experience of using Google spreadsheets and other Google applications (such as iGoogle for dashboarding) a very powerful experience. I can’t disclose the exact plans yet but whether you use SAP or a SaaS based solution, you should expect to get some powerful functionality right from within Google Docs.

So why did we start with SQL Server Analysis Services? For two main reasons: (1) we got feedback from our existing customers who wanted to get a powerful extranet, collaborative solution for BI while using their existing BI data infrastructure and (2) it is the most popular data source (outside of spreadsheets themselves) for analysis using Pivot Table functionality.
How will it work? We have two supported scenarios for the SQL AS support.

The first one (which I find very cool) is the .cub file support. These .cub files ( are “offline cube” files that can be created from an existing Analysis Services cube. You can either use Excel to create those files or software that we will provide as a download in the next few days ( ).
These .cub files have always been a very powerful tool with one huge limitation – the file usually was too large to be emailed around with a spreadsheet making the solution of analyzing cubs a task that could only be performed locally without any collaborative capabilities. You basically couldn’t share the spreadsheet you’ve been using with anyone else due to the fact that the data was not inside the spreadsheet. Our new solution solves that problem. Once you upload a cub file and create a Google Spreadsheet pivot on it with our product you can share that view with any number of users who can still perform live analysis on the cub file data. The one limitation of cub files that we cannot fix is the fact that the data in a file is static and does not update from the source data. For that very reason we have scenario two which offers live connectivity to SQL Server Analysis Services cubes.

In this second scenario we will provide live connectivity to SQL Server Analysis Services cubes. Basically, any customer will have the ability to use our product from within Google docs to access a cube that was made accessible to the “cloud”.

Once you try out our product let us know what you think and thank for the tens of thousands of users that have shown so much interest in our new line of solutions with Google.

A New Solution - SQL Server Connectivity Using Google!

Panorama Introduces New Enterprise Business Intelligence Solution for Google Apps - Cloud Computing Analytics for Business Productivity

New Support for SQL ServerTM Analysis Services Allows Enterprise Customers to Use
Google Docs to Analyze, Report, Visualize Their Corporate Data

TORONTO, ON (DATE) – Fresh from announcing their addition of Business Intelligence (BI) to Google Docs, Panorama Software, a global leader in Proactive Business Intelligence, has revealed a new solution for the enterprise level market. The beta version of its newly developed functionality for Google Docs will allow the support of its first enterprise data source – Microsoft SQL ServerTM Analysis Services, the most pervasive OLAP solution in the industry. This is the first of what will be many enhancements and new functionalities that Panorama will roll out for Google Docs in the next few months.

Microsoft Excel has been known to be the only spreadsheet tool capable of providing BI capabilities in the form of analytics and reporting for enterprise level data. By adding support for SQL ServerTM Analysis Services, enterprise companies can now use Google Docs, the most powerful Software as a Service (SaaS) based spreadsheet in the world with its strong collaborative capabilities, to get more out of their enterprise data in new and flexible ways.

Companies have long wanted a fresh way to analyze corporate data using a spreadsheet application, while also enjoying advanced collaboration, mobility and access-from-anywhere functionalities. With the new support for SQL ServerTM Analysis Services by Google Docs with Panorama Analytics, enterprise customers have exactly what they have been asking for.

“Enterprise customers that are using BI systems are looking for new ways to collaborate, share information and insights, work from anywhere, and better liaise with customers and suppliers,” said Oudi Antebi, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy for Panorama Software. “Leveraging the power of Google Docs in all those areas will add tremendous new value for them. We have received many calls from companies asking us to add native support to their enterprise systems from our newly announced solution for Google Docs, and now they have it.”

The new enhancement is being made available as a beta version and requires registration on Panorama’s website ( Two levels of integration will be offered; free and fee-based options. The solution will be free for customers that upload their data into Panorama’s PowerApps platform for Google Docs in the form of an offline cube file. Panorama will offer a unique application from SDG Computing as a download to help customers easily create and upload the offline cube files necessary for the free version.

“Enterprise customers increasingly want to use analytics in a variety of ways,” said Tim Peterson of SDG Computing. “Until today, the only spreadsheet option they had was Excel. Now, with Google Docs powered with Panorama’s unique capabilities, enterprise users have a new and highly powerful option for performing analytics and reporting.”

The solution will also be offered as a premium, fee-based service that will enable a live connection to SQL ServerTM Analysis Services. For the premium version, Panorama is partnering with Data Intelligence Ltd.

“As a leading provider of hosted solutions for SQL ServerTM Analysis Services, we are pleased to be partnering with Panorama on this solution,” said Mike Askew, Director of Data Intelligence Ltd. “This partnership will allow Panorama to offer its Google customers an end-to-end solution that provides both the creation, hosting and front-end capabilities of fully scalable Business Intelligence solutions.”

Panorama Analytics for Google Docs, launched on March 19th, represents an advanced analytics, reporting and data visualization solution for Google applications. Focused on pivot table and charting functionality, Panorama’s solution is a high-value capability that makes spreadsheets in Google Docs and dashboards in iGoogle even more useful. Users at both the enterprise and small-to-medium business levels will benefit from the enhanced ability to drill into data to gain valuable business insights quickly, resulting in better decision-making in the short term, and more effective strategic planning and performance in the long term.

Users of SQL ServerTM Analysis Services can register now for the beta version of Panorama Analytics by visiting For more information about Google Docs, please visit; to learn more about Panorama Software, go to

Monday, March 31, 2008

Panorama’s solution for Google apps - recap

A lot has been said and mentioned on our recent announcements about our new platform and BI applications in Google apps. Some very smart people have written some very interesting blogs. there are probably dozens of blog posts out there but I selected my personal favorits.

Stay tuned for more announcements from our side in the next few weeks ;)!7B84B0F2C239489A!1664.entry

Thursday, March 20, 2008

End of the Software World?!? Wow!!!

Well, we certainly thought it was a big deal that Google Apps have become so empowered by us, but clearly we underestimated the situation! ;o)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Panorama powers Google apps with BI

OK, now it is official, we launched our product this morning and the world can start using it.

While this is just the beta version we are very excited to read and hear the reaction of the millions of users that use Google applications and Docs.

We are proud to say that Google docs now has the most powerful Pivot Table and Pivot chart feature available for any spreadsheet available and in the next couple of months this will be extended to support analysis from within the Google docs environment of many data sources and applications such as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Netsuite, SAP and others.

We are also getting ready to launch our solution for ISVs – PowerApps, a way for any ISV to extend its solution with BI in a SaaS model. Basically if you are an ISV and want to offer your customers a BI solution, you can extend our solution in the Google environment using our (soon to be released) APIs, customize and brand it your own!!

If you want to try out the new release simply log on to your Google Docs account, create a spreadsheet and click “Insert”. Chose Panorama Pivot Tables for Google apps!

Good luck and let us know what you think.

Oudi Antebi
VP, Marketing & Business Strategy

Pivot Tables for Google Spreadsheets!!!

Hello to all my fellow Google-users out there!

My name is Krishna Sharma and I am happy to announce the launch of this online open-forum blog for all Google Spreadsheet users. It was recently announced that Pivot Table functionality has been added to Google Spreadsheets, thus lending significantly more power to an already-attractive product.

With this new launch, we wanted to create an online forum where you, the Google Spreadsheet user, could share your tips, tricks and feedback about the new Pivot Table gadget in Google Spreadsheets. Have you found a neat way to use the pivot table? Running into some problems or dead-ends? Curious to see how others are using the new Pivot Table functionality? Post your questions and/or comments here and watch for a response! Happy Googling!

Krishna Sharma
Marketing Manager
Panorama Software