Monday, January 5, 2009

Scobleizer: The story of 2009? Enterprise disruption?

Robert Scoble interviews Oudi Antebi of Panorama Software:

“In addition to the interview I did yesterday with socialtext, which explores some of the disruption coming to enterprises, there’s another trend I’m tracking: the coming fight between the collaborative web and Microsoft.Now some pundits in the industry think that the fight will be head on. Not me. I think it’ll be more parasitic. Like how mold takes over a strawberry. Slow, but in the end the strawberry dies.Is that what we’re seeing now? Well, here’s something that is a small piece of the bigger trend. You could call it a few cells of mold on the strawberry, if you’d like.What is it? Panorama Software for Google Apps. I shot two videos with Oudi Antebi, VP of marketing and strategy of Panorama Software. Never heard of them? Neither had I, but what they are doing is very disruptive to bigger companies:

Part I. Where we discover what is happening in the Business Intelligence space and learn what Panorama Software is doing. (This video is embedded above).

Part II. Demo of how the Panorama gadget is used to display real-time data.”

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Davide Moraschi said...

Hi all,
I recently discovered this wonderful piece of software and found it very useful. Especially when loading CUB files. Will it be possible in the future to use this tool in our own web pages outside Google docs?

Shimon Shlevich said...

Hi Davide,

Thank you for your feedback.

As they usually say - that's an excellent question! Check the software in about a week. We intend to become the "YouTube of BI".