Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Collaborating on sreadsheets

I just read this post talking about how nice it will be to be able to collaborate on spreadsheets when Office 14 is available. 

I am writing this post to ensure that those who need to collaborate on spreadsheets and even better - do some very powerful collaborative analysis don’t wait 2 years for Office 14 but start using Google Docs with Panorama’s online solution now.

All you need to do is upload your spreadsheet to Google docs, insert the Panorama pivot table gadget and share with others.

Here is a nice video showing how you do that:


Eugene Marshall said...

...and, the new Save to PDF works like a charm. So here's my current workflow:
-Set up Google Spreadsheet and Panorama Pivot Table (add pivot table to iGoogle homepage)
-Invite collaborators to enter data
-Watch and analyze data instantaneously from iGoogle homepage (updates upon refresh)
-Save to .pdf and e-mail to whomever

I've just saved myself a barrage of e-mails, avoided version control mayhem, AND produced a colorful and shiny chart.

Martin Op 't Land said...

In my GoogleDocs I do not see "Insert Panorama Pivot Table" as an option. When I select "Insert/Gadget...", I only see "Table
By Google; An interactive table with filters and grouping." as an option.

When I insert "Panorama Pivot Table" directly as a Google Gadget in iGoogle, then I can select as "Data Source" my online GoogleDocs-spreadsheets, and also I can select the right "Spreadsheet" and the right "Worksheet". As soon as I hit "Next", then an error is returned saying "An error has occurred processing this page.
Please try resubmitting your request and if the error persists, contact the site administrator."

Any idea how to proceed?

Kind regards,
Martin Op 't Land

Eugene Marshall said...


You should see more gadgets available than the table. The Panorama application should be shown in the "Featured", "All", and "Tables" gadget subsets. Its title is "Analytics for Google Spreadsheets". The gadget window has a vertical scrollbar, so you'll want to make sure that you're in fact seeing all of the available gadgets.

If you're certain that the "Table by Google" is your only available gadget, then I would visit the Google Docs help forum via this link:

It is an active, well-informed forum, and you will most likely get a prompt response to your issue.

Additionally, I was also encountering problems inserting the gadget directly on my iGoogle homepage - getting a "maximum users" type of message. However, I've had excellent success exporting the gadget from my Google Spreadsheet to my iGoogle homepage. In fact, my experience has been that the pivot table has been most stable when utilized in this manner - even more than when maintained within the source spreadsheet itself.

In summary, there's a problem with your Google Docs interface if you're indeed not seeing the Panorama application listed. If this is the case, then it should be addressed on the excellent Google Help forum. Once you have your Pivot table set up, it will be on its best behavior when added to iGoogle.